Our Mission

Transcendental Dreamer was founded on the simple idea: Dream a better tomorrow.

Why? Because creating a better future for all begins with nothing more than a dream.

But in order to create a better future, more people need to actually... well, dream.

Society tells us to give up on our goals and dreams and trade them in for a "comfortable and safe" lifestyle instead.

But here's the thing. This lifestyle doesn't prioritize your dreams. No, it prioritizes the dreams of someone else. Because the majority of people spend their entire lives working toward the dreams of another. 

And let's be honest. There's something seriously flawed with a system like that. 

Everybody wants to change the world by asking what the world needs.

But instead, ask what makes you feel most alive. Because what the world really needs is people who feel more alive. People who chase their dreams and follow their calling. That's what truly makes the biggest impact on the world.

So what's our mission?

We want to inspire others to live out their dreams. We want others to look back on a life of fulfillment instead of a life of regret.

That's why Transcendental Dreamer is donating 10% of all profits to those in need. Because inspired people inspire others.

Building a brighter future and dreaming a better tomorrow begins with all of us. So let's help each other along the way.

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