From One Dream to Another

We all have dreams and aspirations. It's what makes us human.

But the thing is, millions of people around the world aren't able to follow theirs due to circumstance.

Whether it's access to clean water, lack of electricity, or food insecurity, the dreams of some die before they're even born.

But with the proper resources, these dreams could have the ability to be lived out. Just like they're meant to. 

As someone who grew up with everything I needed, I acknowledge the struggles millions of people face every single day.

That's why Transcendental Dreamer wants to make a difference.

10% of each sale will be donated to organizations and non-profits doing incredible work around the world.

Each month, we'll choose a specific organization to donate to. Whether they provide access to electricity and clean water or improve healthcare systems, these organizations are changing lives and making dreams come true.

And that's what Transcendental Dreamer is all about. Inspiring change and turning dreams into reality.

So let's create a better world together. From one dream to another.

To find out more about current and past donations, click here.

We want to make sure we're completely transparent when it comes to our donations. That's why at the end of each month, we'll post a short report on how much we donated and what the donations will go towards.

Know of an organization that's making a positive impact? Send us an email at if you want to see us partner with them in the future!