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You'll get 20% off any of our products... forever.


Earn 15% commission when someone uses your code.

Social Growth

Promote your work and grow your audience.

Exclusive Facebook Community

You'll have the chance to connect with other ambassadors and provide input on the brand.

Ambassador-Only Experiences (Future)

Exclusive invites to ambassador-only events and opportunities in the (hopefully) not too far future.

So... What Exactly is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is Transcendental Dreamer’s exclusive ambassador program.

The entire purpose of our brand is to inspire as many people as we can to live out their dreams in life.

And what better way to do that than create a community of like-minded people all working toward achieving their own dreams and inspiring others along the way?

Put those together and you've got the Dream Team: a super fun, wicked cool, adventure-seeking, fear-conquering team of dreamers all helping each other work toward their goals and inspiring others to do the same.

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