Why to Take Your Own Path in Life

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Here’s what we’re covering this week: Why to take your own path in life.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Lesson of the Week

There’s this small part of my neighborhood I’ve been walking through almost everyday.

Same route. Same scenery. Same path. Same thing. Every day.

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. I’ve just gotten in the routine of taking the same path as I’ve always been taking.

That is… until everything changed one day last week (dun dun dunnnn).

Instead of taking a left at the turn I usually do, I decided to take a right.

I felt in the mood for an adventure, so I thought I’d change it up.

What if this decision ends up changing my life, somehow, someway?” I thought.

Sure enough... that decision did not end up changing my life (shocker, I know).

The road eventually led back to the route I always take, and I eventually made my way back home like any other day.

But… I did walk past plenty of cool houses, apartments, and artwork that I otherwise wouldn’t have known were there if I didn’t deviate from my typical path.

And it got me thinking:

Don’t be afraid to take your own path in life and change things up every once in a while.

If you usually go on a walk around the block, why not go on a run around the block instead? When everyone else is zigging, why don’t you mix it up and zag?

If everyone’s telling you to take a left because “that’s how it’s always been and that’s the path that’s laid out for you…”

Don’t be afraid to take a right and create your own path.

Because you never know, it might just be the best decision you ever make.

Quote of the Week

“Live life on your own path. Everybody’s got something different. You can’t keep up with all those people, so you better keep up with yourself.”
- Kimora Lee Simmons | American Model and Entrepreneur

Resource of the Week

Celia on TikTok

Okay, this one’s a little different than usual. But I recently came across this girl on TikTok who writes (and speaks) some absolutely amazingggg poems.

After binging a lot of her quick videos, I can say she's just able to express things in a way I’ve never been able to put into words myself.

And her videos have even inspired me to get back into poetry and write a few poems of my own (maybe I’ll share them someday…)

Anyways, if you have a few minutes, I’d highly recommend checking out a few of her poetry videos. You won’t be disappointed :)

Question of the Week

What’s a big (or small) decision you once made that looking back, you can say completely changed your life?
I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to reply back to this email with your response. I read every email you guys send… I promise :)

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Monday Meaning newsletter. Let me know what you thought by dropping a reply to this email! Until next week…

Never stop dreaming 🤙🏼


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