Oh Well... What If?

I know it’s been a few weeks since you last heard from me.

In some ways I’ve been unmotivated. In others I’ve been super busy.

And to be honest... I wasn’t going to write again. I’ve been lacking inspiration recently. Every time I think about a blog article to write or an email to send or a video to create, I get stuck.

I give up before I even get started.

But there’s a quote that’s been stuck in my head for a while now. Whether you love him, hate him, or have no idea who he is, his message hits deep. Russ once said this:

I’d rather deal with an ‘oh well’ than a ‘what if.’

And ever since I read that quote, it’s been turning over and over again in my mind.

Because here’s the sad reality. So many of us will look back at our lives 50 years from now and think to ourselves...

What if I’d done that thing? What if I tried? What if I wasn’t too afraid to start?

Most people look back, filled with regret for the things they didn’t do. The places they didn’t go. The opportunities they didn’t take. The people they didn’t meet.

But the thing is, that’s no way to live life. Regret is a powerful and painful emotion. One I wouldn’t want anyone to experience when looking back at life.

Wouldn’t you rather try and say “oh well” when it doesn’t work out than not giving it a shot and looking back with the regret of “what if?”

I know I would.

And I thought about this exact thing when I woke up this morning, feeling uninspired to write. Not wanting to. Not having a clue what to share with you.

So to be honest, this probably isn’t the best email you’ll read. It was kind of just thrown together at the last minute. I know you’ll read it in two minutes, delete it from your inbox, and never think twice about it again.

And that’s okay (I do the same thing haha). But I hope if you remember anything, you’ll remember the quote and the message behind it.

Here’s what I know. I’d rather write a mediocre email that leads nowhere than not even try at all and miss out on something incredible.

Because you never know until you try.

And I believe this applies to every area of life.

The people you do or don’t talk to. The places you do or don’t go to. The opportunities you do or don’t pursue. The content you do or don’t create.

Sure, what if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you expected? So what if you fail and make a fool of yourself?

But what if it turns out better than you could possibly imagine?

Change your perspective. You never know what will happen until you try.

Because I know one thing’s for sure. An ‘oh well’ is a lot easier to live with than a ‘what if.’

Never stop dreaming,


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