Leave a Chapter in the Stories Around You

Hey all!

For the longest time, I lived by a single phrase:

Stop writing other people's stories and start writing your own.

I see it everyday. It's front and center on my Notion workspace and makes up the lock screen on my iPad.

For me, it's a constant reminder to live life on your own terms. To live by your own design.

This simple quote was even one of the inspirations for starting my business.

Because from a young age, we're told exactly what to do.

We're told to fit in and follow the crowd. We're told to work toward the dreams of another and help them accomplish their goals before our own.

We're told to create the story other people tell us to write.

So yeah. I truly believe we're meant to pave our own path, pick up our own pen, and write our own unique story.

But something occurred to me the other day.

(I actually got this idea after watching a commercial on TV. What can I say, inspirations is everywhere if you're willing to look for it).

Yes, I believe everyone should write their own story in life.

But I also believe we should write a chapter in the stories of those around us.

What exactly do I mean by this?

Well, my goal in life is to leave a mark on everyone I meet. I strive to change the lives of as many people I can in my time on this earth.

I strive to write a chapter in someone else's story.

Because when you're old and grey and looking back at your book of life, the things you'll remember most aren't physical possessions or material wealth.

The things you'll remember most are the experiences you had, the people you met, and the memories you made along the way.

It's not about the destination (we all end up in the same place anyway), and it's not even about the journey.

It's about the people you meet and the ones that stick by your side throughout the journey.

Make an impact and leave a chapter in the lives of those around you.

And be sure to collect different perspectives, experiences, memories, and relationships as you write your own story.

Because that's what truly makes the book of life worth reading.

Never stop dreaming,


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