Everything You Ever Wanted is on the Other Side of Fear

Hey there!

This weekend I did a lot of self-reflection.

Reflecting on the person I want to become, the things I want to do, the places I want to go.

I asked myself a simple question...

What do I want most in life?

And after a lot of journaling and meditation (seriously try it for yourself, it works wonders), I came to a realization.

What I want most in life is to truly just live.

To live up to my fullest potential. To look back at a life I'll remember. To be proud of everything I accomplished...

Because when I'm lying on my deathbed, looking back at my life as if it were a movie, I want to laugh and smile at all the memories I made along the way.

I don't know about you, but I'm not scared of death itself.

What I am scared of is laying there full of regrets, wishing I had done more with my life. Wishing I had taken those risks or opportunities. Wishing I had lived up to my potential and done more of the things that make me feel alive.

Because all I really want – all anyone really wants – is to live without regrets.

You hear it all the time:

You don't regret the things you do. You regret the things you didn't do.

It sounds cliché, but it couldn't be more true.

Think about it. Do you ever regret calling that person or going on that spontaneous adventure? Do you ever regret going up to talk to that stranger or climbing to the top of the mountain?

If I had to guess, I'd say no.

But the thing is, you might regret not doing those things.

Everyone is so scared of what others will think. How they'll react. What they'll say.

But who really cares what anyone else thinks? As long as you look back and are proud your decision. As long as you can look back without regretting your decision, that's all that really matters.

It's YOUR life. Not anyone else's.

And that's the "life philosophy" I discovered this weekend. That's how I decided I'm going to live the rest of my life.

Before making any decision, no matter how big or how small it may be, I'm going to ask myself a simple question:

Will I regret doing this thing?

And if the answer is no? Well, then I'm doing it.

Will I regret working hard to try and launch a business? No, but I might regret not doing it.

Will I regret trying that exotic food I've never heard of? No, but I might regret not doing it.

Will I regret climbing to the very top of the mountain? No, but I might regret not doing it.

You see, you never know what could happen until you try. And if something doesn't quite go your way? At least you can look back without regrets and say that you tried.

Because you never regret trying. But you'll always regret not trying.

Everyone always worries about how something will turn out.

What if it doesn't turn out the way I hope it does? What if I can't do it? What if everyone laughs at me?

But instead of all the negative what ifs, all it takes is a shift in mindset to see things in a different light.

So instead, ask yourself the following:

What if it turns out better than you could ever imagine?

Because you'll never know the answer unless you try.

And yes, I know what you're thinking.

The unknown is a scary place. It might feel like you're driving without headlights. It might feel like you're lost in the middle of the woods and have no idea which direction to go.

But here's the thing...

Life truly begins on the other side of discomfort. It begins when you face your fears head on and step into the unknown. 

Everything you ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear.

And you never know just how much something could change your life until you go after it.

So embrace your fears and learn to dive headfirst into the unknown.

Because you may not be able to see it now, but your future self will be glad you did.

Never stop dreaming,


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