Where It All Began

Where it all began

Welcome to the first actual blog post I’ve written for this site. You may have seen some others in the past that seemed like blog articles, but those are just past newsletters I’ve written (don't get me wrong, those are still fun but just not the same). 

For this first post, I figured what better way to start us off than share the story of why I started the brand in the first place? So without further ado, here’s where it all began…

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

Just for some brief background, I got my college degree in Environmental Studies. So during the end of my sophomore year, I had to write a research paper on an environmental topic of our choice.

I’ve always been interested in renewable energy, so I decided to write my paper on how solar energy can be used to help bring electricity to underdeveloped regions of the world.

I didn’t really expect it to go anywhere other than just writing the essay, getting a grade, and moving on.

But that was far from reality.

In fact, I was so interested in the topic that I continued to use the same subject for a couple other classes. Because there was just something about it that stuck with me.

What if there was a way I could help out myself? There has to be some way, right?

And that, my friend, is the original inspiration for creating a clothing brand. Because I had the idea to sell products and donate a percentage of proceeds to help people in need.

Here’s where it went from there…

Let’s Talk Dreams

So I had the initial idea of selling clothing to help people around the world. But after my school projects, I put that idea on hold because I didn’t know what exactly I could create.

What would make my brand stand out from the rest? Why would people buy from my brand and not others?

I had all these questions and all these doubts, which was around the time I was getting closer to graduating college and entering the so called “real world.”

And honestly, that kind of scared me. Stepping into the unknown of life. Not knowing what comes next in the journey.

But most of all it scared me because I looked around at everyone else and saw unfulfilling lives. It just seemed like most people spent their days stuck at a job they hate and wishing there was more to life.

Which really got me thinking. And after a lot of thought, I eventually came to a conclusion:

I believe the reason much of society are unfulfilled is because they gave up on their dreams.

Yeah, I said it. Because the truth is, we all have them. But most just decide to put them in a box for a tomorrow that never arrives, choosing to work toward the dreams of another instead of their own.

And that was all the inspiration I needed.

Because I, like everyone else, have big dreams and goals in life. And if I could inspire others to pursue their own dreams while I do the same for myself, that would make my life fulfilling. Not to mention it would make for a killer story.

Why Transcendental Dreamer?

So with a bit of inspiration, I knew exactly what I wanted the clothing brand to do: Inspire others to live out their dreams.

But I know, I know. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why Transcendental Dreamer? What does that even mean?”

At first I loved the name, then I thought it was too long and hard to spell, and now I feel like it makes us stand out in a world that wants you to fit in (let me know what you think in the comments).

Anyways, I believe that dreams are transcendental. You can’t just forget about them or put them in a box for later. Why?

Because they transcend lifetimes and your entire state of being. No matter how much you try to forget about a dream, you just can’t. It’s not possible.

They’ll always stay with you. They’ll be there through the good and the bad. The highs and the lows.

Because I believe we’re all transcendental dreamers. Our dreams cut through the noise and give purpose to our lives. They give us something to reach for and something to live for.

So what’s the big “why” behind this brand? Here’s my vision…

The Ultimate Vision

Honestly, my vision is to create a better future. A future where we can build each other up instead of tear each other down. A future where we can inspire one another while we live out our wildest imaginations.

And I believe in that future. I believe in you, and me, and anyone else who calls us crazy for setting our goals exceedingly high.

But most importantly, I believe dreams are the thing that will get us there. Because dreams have the power to change the world for the better.

So here’s my life dream. I dream of traveling around the world and making as many memories as I can, all while telling stories and sharing ideas that inspire others.

I want to inspire people to live better and create more. I want to inspire people to feel more free and alive than they ever thought possible.

I want to inspire people to inspire others.

After all, you only have one life. You might as well live it, right?

So there you have it, that’s my dream in life. And my vision for this brand is to create a community around the idea that your dreams are meant to be lived out. You’re meant to live and breathe them. Touch and feel them.

And if you made it this far, I want you to be part of that community because everything I just said must resonate with you.

So be sure to follow along on this journey so you don’t miss any future content, product launches… and yes, the launch of our community coming soon.

Never stop dreaming,


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