The Collection Concepts: What Is It?

The Collection Concepts

Let me be honest with you real quick. When I first launched this brand, I thought I was Mr. Hotshot or something (seriously, it’s kind of embarrassing looking back).

Sure, I was scared. Terrified even.

I was constantly overthinking. I would think things like:

What will other people think? Will people actually like the brand? Who would wear something like this?

But at the same time, I was under-thinking everything. What do I mean by that?

Well, I guess I didn’t think about how difficult it would be to grow a brand. How much work you have to put in. How you can’t just throw a design or slogan on a shirt and expect it to sell like “hotcakes.”

Look, when I was first starting out, I had no idea what I was doing. I threw a few simple designs onto some hoodies and called it a day.

But the reality is if you want to sell a hoodie or t-shirt – if you want to sell anything for that matter – you have to sell the idea behind that thing.

Which is something I didn’t do before.

So what am I going to do differently from now on? Every new collection is going to mean something. Not just to me. I also want them to mean something to you, too.

Because here’s the thing. Over the past year of creating this brand, I’ve learned a tonnn. I’ve learned what works and I’ve learned what doesn’t work. I’ve learned that the best products are built on ideas you can relate to. Ideas that make you feel something. Something special.

And that’s the emotion and feeling and “wow-factor” I want to evoke with every new collection I drop.

Just like nature, we all go through our own seasons in life.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Sometimes we feel elated and sometimes we’re heartbroken.

But at the end of the day, we all go through the same things. Because we’re all just trying to navigate through our own seasons in this thing we call life.

That’s why I want every new collection to mean something different. I want every new collection to evoke feelings and emotions you can relate to. I want them to make you think, “Woah, I love this concept. I love this idea. I feel this deeply and I can relate to it.”

So if that sounds interesting to you, we’re dropping our newest collection this January.

It’s called Never Stop Dreaming and I want it to inspire you to… well, never stop dreaming and never give up on your dreams. Simple as that.

Don’t worry, with each new collection I’ll be writing a new blog post on its meaning and why I chose that concept. Hence the name of this new series: The Collection Concepts!

This is a whole new chapter for us.

New collections. New concepts. New ideas. New Transcendental Dreamer.

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