Start Treating Your Goals Like a Netflix Show

Admit it... we've all been there.

You hear of this great new show on Netflix. It's been the talk of the town for the past week. So you finally decide to give it a shot and see what all the hype is about.

But you just don't see it. The first, second, even third episode was boring. It lacked a plot and you had no idea where the show was going.

You think about giving up on it. You think about calling it quits and finding a new (and better) show to binge.

But then you remember what your friends said. What you overheard countless times as you wait for your coffee at the counter.

It gets better.

Sure, the first couple episodes may have been slow and a bit boring. But everyone said it gets better. Everyone said the ending is the best part, full of drama and suspense.

So you give it one more shot and continue watching.

And sure enough, they were right. It did get better. Because that was truly one of the best shows you've ever seen.

Now yes, this may have just been a metaphor. But think about it like this:

You'll give a Netflix show a second chance just because you heard it gets better. What if you did the same with your goals?

We often set goals and make an effort to start something new.

Maybe it's learning a new skill, starting an online business, or going to the gym everyday in an attempt to lose weight.

You set your goals and are excited, even motivated, at the beginning. But after a week or two, you give up.


Because you didn't see the progress you were hoping for. Things got tough, obstacles lay ahead, or maybe you just found it too difficult.

But instead of giving up and never turning back, what if you treated your goals like a Netflix show?

Sure, it can be hard to get through the first couple episodes of a show. Sure, it can be challenging to see initial progress with your goals.

But if you just push past the discomfort and challenges. If you just give it another chance. If you just change your mindset from short-term thinking to long-term planning. You'll start to see the progress you've been hoping for.

And you'll find the breakthrough that can truly change your life is on the other side of the initial struggle and discomfort.

So adopt a long-term mindset and trust that things will get better.

Because it sure did for Parks and Rec.

Never stop dreaming, 


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