11 of the Best Activities to Do This Summer

11 of the Best Activities to Do This Summer

Ahhh summer, my favorite time of year! When the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and the vibes are all good.

No matter where you are in the world, I think we can all agree that there are a tonnnn of fun summer things to do.

From weekend road trips to camping trips to spending the night under the stars, here are 11 of the best summer activities to try out this season.

1. Day Trip to the Beach 🏖

When you think of summer, one of the first things that likely comes to mind is the beach.

After all, nothing screams summer more than the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, your toes in the sand, and the warm sun kissing your skin.

Now, even if you don’t live near a beach or all the ones near you are nothing but rocks and pebbles (looking at you, Seattle), you can still make the most of it!

Pack up your car and take a long weekend trip to the closest beach near you. Or better yet, one that you’ve always wanted to visit but just never have.

And if nothing else, spend your “beach day” at the closest lake.

Whether you choose to visit your local beach, a bucket list one, or the closest lake to you, there’s no better way to cool off in the summer heat than making a splash in the water!

2. Go on a Road Trip With Friends 🚙

Boys Trip to Zion National Park

Boys trip to Zion National Park

In my opinion, a road trip with friends is one of the best activities you can do this summer (see image above for my buddies and I on our road trip to Zion National Park last summer).

There’s no shortage of fun summer road trips you can take while visiting some beautiful locations along the way!

From picturesque national parks to hidden gems to local getaways and everything in between. Pick a place you’ve always wanted to visit, pack up a car, blast your favorite summer playlist and go!

Just remember, as cheesy and cliché as this sounds: It’s not about the destination. It’s not even about the journey. It’s about the people who are with you along the way.

We always get so caught up in experiencing the destination that we forget to enjoy the simple things in the moment. But oftentimes, these are the moments you’ll remember most.

So does it matter where you’re going or how far you travel? Not at all.

Just be sure to make a lot of timeless memories along the way!

3. Host a BBQ 🌭

We all have our differences. But one thing that’s guaranteed to bring us all together? Delicious food!

And there’s no better way to come together than at a BBQ. Whether you’re welcoming friends and family or the entire neighborhood, why not host the event of the century (okay, okay, event of the summer maybe)?

Sure, it might take some planning and budgeting. But there’s bound to be some good laughs, good memories, and yes, good food!

Grab all your summer favorites, fire up the grill, and make the most of a warm summer evening.

4. Watch the Sunset 🌅

Beautiful beach sunset in La Jolla, California

Alright, this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

If you couldn’t tell from our Instagram page, we’ve kind of got a thing for beautiful sunsets.

But honestly, who doesn’t!? They’re one of nature’s finest creations. And one thing that’s guaranteed in life (as long as the weather’s good) is there’s one every single day.

Sure, it’s simple. But I’ve always been a believer that the best things in life are the simplest of things.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a beach, the top of a mountain, or the middle of nowhere. You can enjoy the breathtaking cotton candy skies anywhere you are.

#Nostalgia 😎

5. Go Camping 🏕

Now, I know camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re a nature-lover like me, I’m sure you’ve gone camping at least once or twice.

And even if you haven’t, there’s no better time of year to go than the summer (just make sure to pack a hoodie for when it gets cold at night)!

From mountains to forests to beaches, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to set up camp and enjoy the great outdoors.

So grab a few friends, choose a place you’ve never visited, and just go (my motto for the summer)!

No matter what happens, I guarantee you’ll walk away with some fun stories and memories to look back at someday.

6. Take a Hike 🥾

Hiking view in Washington

And no, I don’t mean it in the typical “get outta here” way. I mean it in the literal way!

Oftentimes, camping and hiking go hand-in-hand. But who says it has to be that way?

Even if you don’t think you have any good hiking spots around you, I bet you’d be surprised at what you can find with a little exploration. There are tons of places to go on a day hike or even just a quick trail loop. But how do you find them?

All Trails is a great resource for finding any type of hike, in any place, at any time.

Want to find a hike to beat the summer heat? Look for hiking trails in covered, forested areas.

Want to find a hike to cool off at the end of a tiring trek? Look for hiking trails that lead to a lake or waterfall you can jump in.

You see, there’s no shortage of fun summer hikes you can go on to make the most of a long summer day.

Just be sure to pack accordingly!

7. Spend a Day Touring Your Own City 🏙

Queue Instagram caption: Tourist in my own city for a day! 💐

All jokes aside, touring your own city can be a fun daytime adventure.

I know this one might be harder for those who don’t live near a big city. But either way, I’m sure there has to be some small town near you that you’ve never taken the time to explore completely.

Well, now’s the time!

From tourist hotspots and popular restaurants to local shops and scenic views, anyone can become a “tourist” in their own town and enjoy all it has to offer.

I did this just the other week and was surprised by how fun it was.

So what are you waiting for? No matter how big or small your city is, just get out there and start exploring!

8. Attend an Outdoor Concert 🎤

One of the things that makes summer… well, summer is outdoor events. Farmer’s markets, movies in the park, outdoor concerts. You get the idea.

For those who live in warm and sunny places, these things may occur all year round (lucky you!).

But where I’m from, the idea of an outdoor concert not in summer is unheard of. And besides, an outdoor concert in summer just feels right, don’t you think?

This time of year, there’s no shortage of big artists on tour, local musicians performing anywhere they can, and bands you’ve never heard of who are surprisingly good.

So before the summer ends, pick an outdoor concert to attend, grab some friends (or go alone) and just vibe to the rhythm of the music. 🎶

9. Visit a New Ice Cream Shop 🍦

Cup of ice cream on the counter

Image by Eugene Zhyvchik via Unsplash

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Honestly though, who doesn’t love a cold ice cream on a warm summer day?

And I know we all have our favorite ice cream shops and flavors. But this summer, why not take the chance to try out an ice cream shop you’ve never been to before?

Different atmosphere, different flavors, different tastes and smells.

Instead of Cold Stone, try out a local shop. Instead of mint chocolate chip, try out a flavor you’ve never heard of.

You never know when a flavor will become your new favorite or when an ice cream shop will become your new go-to.

So take a chance and try something new this summer!

And if you decide it’s not for you, you can always go somewhere else the next day… or even later that night.

Because who says you can’t get ice cream twice in one day?

10. Build a Bonfire (Don’t Forget the S’mores!) 🪵

Summer wouldn’t be complete without building a bonfire at least once. Like many other things on this list, it’s a summer staple that can’t be missed.

Whether you’re on the beach, in the middle of a campground in the woods, or simply chilling on your back patio, the burning embers are sure to keep you warm even on the coldest of summer nights.

And of course, a campfire wouldn’t be a campfire without s’mores (the best summer treat there ever was)!

So grab the marshmallows, gather some friends, and enjoy the dancing flames under the night sky.

11. Stare Up at the Stars 🌌

Staring up at the stars at night

Image by Ryan Jacobson via Unsplash

Speaking of night sky, what better way to end the day than laying there in awe of the twinkling stars (not just me, right)?

When the cotton candy colors of sunset turn dark and illuminate the vast sea of stars. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s my absolute favorite thing to do.

And I know I can’t be the only one. Because staring up at those millions of stars makes everything disappear. Even just for a moment.

Your problems get smaller. You get smaller as you realize how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things.

It takes your breath away and throws you into an existential crisis all at the same time.

I love it.

Because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the biggest shift in perspective there is. Think about it, we spend our days so worried and stressed and anxious of the future in what I like to call the go-go-go of life.

But laying there under the bright, star-filled sky? It’s like a weight is lifted from your chest as everything disappears around you. It’s just you and the vast nothingness of the universe.

Alright, I could go on and on about this topic (I just might have to one day).

The point is, there’s no better way to spend a summer night than laying there, doing nothing but staring up at the millions of dancing stars in the night sky.

• • •

There you have it, 11 of the most fun activities to do this summer before it comes to an end!

Whether summer’s your absolute fave (like me) or not, one thing’s for sure: It offers nearly endless possibilities of things to do.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make the most of it!

What’s your absolute favorite summer activity? I’d love to hear, so leave a reply in the comments.

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